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Dealer Quotes

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Shobha Shobha: x3227

Direct Line: 647-368-8731

Dealer Orders

(Request new or revised orders / Discuss material or backorder solutions)

Stephan Bujold: x3165

Marlene Arifin: x3252

Direct Line: 647-368-8786

Builder Orders

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Mike Sam: x3235

Template Scheduling

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Kiran Kaur: x3257

Installation Scheduling

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Kiran Kaur: x3257

Post-Template Coordination

(Changes or updates when templating is in-progress or complete)

Nelson Wong: x3291

Direct Line: 647-368-6290

Post-Installation Service

Tolu Awotoye: x3248

Direct line: 647-368-8834

Design Centre Sales

Leslie McGuffin: x5340

Architect & Designer Support

Labrine Paravalos: x3299

Dealer Sales Support

East Territory

Gregory Riggs: 647-532-8586

North Territory

Marianna Pisani: 647-533-8586

West Territory

Jennifer Burton: 519-903-8586