PITT Cooking introduces a unique cooking system that seamlessly integrates gas burners into the countertop. This innovative design ensures ample space between burners, allowing you to comfortably accommodate all your pots and pans.

With a diverse range of configurations available, there’s an ideal choice for every kitchen. The integrated gas cooking system features durable cast iron grates and offers a selection of burners ranging from low to powerful high flames. Compatible with Dekton & Porcelain countertop material, it’s both safe and certified, with CSA and ASA approvals.

PITT Features:

  • Made by hand in Holland
  • Beautifully integrated gas burners
  • Works with Dekton & Porcelain countertop surfaces
  • Wide selection of burners: from simmer to powerful high-heat
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility
  • Robust cast iron grates
  • Substantial distance between burners
  • Safe and certified
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