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Turn any room into your favourite

From laundry rooms to fireplaces, home offices, and everything in between, Latitude has a wide range of fully adaptable countertops to help you make full use of any space. 


With more and more households adding outdoor kitchens, fire pits, sauna spaces, and more to their patios and yards, choosing the right materials to withstand the weather is crucial.

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Fireplace Surrounds, Mantles, and Hearths

Heat sources like fireplaces and hearths require heat-safe options like porcelain and natural stone when it comes to building surrounds.

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Desk Tops and Tabletops

With more and more people working from home, a custom-made desk or table top is just the thing to feel comfortable and productive.

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An accent piece can really make a room, which is why we offer a growing selection of specialty furniture tops that add that special touch and unique function to whatever space you’re looking to redesign.

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