Supplier Material Status, Backorders, & ETA’s

Backordered Materials

If material is not mentioned in the lists below, this does not mean that material is in stock. Always double check with us if a color is not listed. The information below is based on what we have eyes and ears on.

Dekton Stock

Kahlo 2cm – ETA Mid to Late August
Laurent 2cm – ETA currently unknown
Soke 2cm – ETA Late August
Trance 2cm ETA Early to Mid August

Silestone Stock

Arcilla Red 2cm – ETA Late August to Early September

Caesarstone Stock

4044 Airy Concrete 3cm – ETA Mid to Late July
6134 Georgian Bluffs 3cm – 3-4 weeks from time of placing PO
*always double check stock with Mary as Caesarstone stock fluctuates hourly

Discontinued Materials

Basso, Bella, Classic Calacatta, Cloud Burst, Cloud Storm, Cloud Velvetier, Coda, Gold Rush, Gotham, Metro, Mica, Natural Limestone, Pier 39, Rondo, Silver Lake

Bamboo, Blanco Matrix, Eternal Emperador, Iconic Black, Mountain Mist, Noka, Polaris, Pulsar, Silken Pearl, White Diamond, Unsui

Baltic, Blanc Concrete, Feroe, Korso, Milar, Nayla, Portum, Sogne, Strato, Vera, Vienna

2030 Haze, 4046 Excava, 5114 Calacatta Maximus Polished, 6011 Intense White, 5220 Deamy Marfil

Angora, Campania, Empress, Smoke, Terra, Monterey

Borghini, Botticino Classic, Carmen Brown, Dolce Vita, Sparkling White, Taj Mahal, White Macaubas